Chairman’s Message

Prof. Sandeep Marwah

sandeep-marwahWe at Asian Education Group believe that the modern day higher education in any domain is not just about the traditional teaching process, but more about how it can improve the skills of students so that they are able to be perform, once they are out of the campus. We believe in adapting the western education model to suit the socio-economic conditions prevailing in this part of the world. We are aware that with globalization and dismantling of rigid regulatory frameworks across the world, the business environment has become very dynamic and the modern day manager must be capable of adapting to the fast changing environment. We are conscious of the fact that to be at the cutting edge of the business or legal education and training, the schools have to work in partnership not only with the industry as well as similar institutions across the world. We try and inculcate in the students the ability to foresee the changing environment, make innovative plans, implement radical plans as well as take and manage risk in routine affairs. We are committed to impart education that is complete and self contained for preparing well rounded modern day managers, technocrats and lawyers. We also subscribe to the view that the concepts, approaches and techniques have to be continually evolved and that decisions should be based both on systematic research as well as the gut feeling. At AEG, we have also initiated research work with a view to expand the frontiers of knowledge.