AEG KESSHET 2019 – Admania

Asian Education Group (AEG) – considered as one of the top group of institutions in the country providing management, IT, law, and media education – recently held its annual inter-college cultural fest by the name of ‘KESSHET 2019-Season 6’ on Thursday, 17th January 2019 at its campus in Noida with full fanfare and gusto, all in the filmy style. All the three AEG schools situated in Noida – namely, Asian Business School (ABS), Asian School of Business (ASB), and Asian Law College (ALC) – co-hosted & participated in the fest.

Coming back to ‘KESSHET 2019-Season 6’, one of the interesting event activity at this gala celebration was the “Admania” competition.

The competition saw young marketing buffs and a creative freaks, trying to prove a point about their advertising acumen in the areas of branding and marketing of products & services.

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